KEN ROBILLARD sr. pastor

Q. How did Calvary Chapel Roseville begin?

A. Leslie and I were in southern California and the Lord made it known to us that it was time to pioneer a church. We prayed and Sacramento was put upon our hearts. I made a couple of trips up here, rented a house and we were ready to go.

Two weeks before departure I was offered a church in Venice, CA. It was tempting being that there was an established congregation in a newly remodeled, yet debt-free building.

To move to Sacramento meant getting a tent-making job, having no building, no salary and starting with a congregation of three people (all of them related to my wife, Leslie.) However, we had faith and 18 folding plastic chairs.

Q. Where were you raised, what was your ‘Before Christ’ education and what were you busy doing before you heard the Lord call you?

A. I was raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. After high school, I studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute, but dropped out to work for Crawdaddy, a musician’s trade magazine based in New York.

In 1970, a couple of partners and I opened a women’s leather clothing manufacturing firm - High Moon Custom Leathers in San Francisco. Seven years and a new partnership later, I was involved in an antique store christened Another Time Another Space, also in San Francisco. It turned out to be the beginning of my career as an antique importer.

In 1981 we began manufacturing a line of antique reproduction Victorian lighting, which we later sold to Sierra Lighting of Reno, Nevada.

Q. Travels: how did trekking the globe help point you to the True Living God?

A. I’ve traveled to Austria, Bahaman Islands, Belgium, Canada, Caribbean, Denmark, England, France, Hawaii, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, West Indies, Virgin Islands. Traveling is a wonderful experience, you learn about peoples and cultures, but the bottom line is all people need Jesus. The thing I came away with is the first-hand knowledge of the emptiness of the world’s values. All spiritual pursuits outside of Jesus Christ as Risen Savior are pointless and will leave you empty. I have been to Israel Jordan turkey Darfur Sudan, and South Sudan.

Q. How has God carved out your character?

A. God does not waste anything. I now know that He was forming my character even before I knew Him. God set up a sort of "Pre-Christ Pastors Training."  It turns out that the strengths my pre-Christ circumstances developed are the very same strengths my life in His service requires. My dealings with partners in the business world required a high level of personal integrity; as Senior Pastor of this church, my personal integrity is also required to be of the highest order.

Q. Where did you attend Bible College?

A. Marin Bible College in Novato, CA. The president of the school was also the founder of Trinity Bible College.

Q. I’ve heard you tell how the Lord led CCR to open a Youth Center for kids in this community, please share the details for our readers.

A. The Lord put it upon my heart that we should have a Youth Center. The first center was donated space, which was one building away from our sanctuary location on Kenroy Lane. We didn’t pay rent, so it was ours to use until such time as the space was leased. We had use of that space for about six months.

Soon, a bigger, better building in the area became available. But the monthly rent was $1,700. We didn’t have it. I asked the Lord for a clear sign regarding our next step. I told Him that since we had never had a Sunday offering of $5,000, I would take it as a clear sign that He wanted us to lease the space being offered if the next Sunday’s offering totaled $5,000. I didn’t share this "fleece" with the congregation. Turns out, a member had written a $4,500 check to the church but had been holding it in his pocket for a month. That Sunday, he gave the check to me explaining that Lord told him to put it in the offering that week!

Q. How would you sum up your philosophy as Pastor?

A. A Pastor should be able to teach the word as described in Timothy and Titus, and should also have a heart to help the wounded and to build and encourage the saints in the faith.

Q. What challenges do you see or are you gearing up for related to CCR's future?

A. The challenge of growing with a growing church. As the church evolves I must also change. Though I’m not even certain what new needs the body will have, I do know God will train and grow me for each new occasion. It is a rather exciting feeling, knowing that whatever happens, God will supply the need.

Q. One last question. Are there any weird or unusual facts about you, like ‘my favorite sock color is bright yellow', or 'I make buckwheat pancakes on the BBQ')?

A. I like to walk the dog at ten o’clock at night. I love doing heavy physical work around the house, such as roof repair, landscaping.  I do the majority of my home maintenance by myself, whether that is changing a hot water heater, painting, or whatever.

jesus is lord